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Queen Bee Contest

Enter below to win this Amber Tiara Crown

The Amber Tiara. Made of Antique Baltic Amber. Amethyst beads. Ruby Stone. 24K gold plated and other Japanese beads on golden fabric. To learn how to win this one of the kind crown read below.


Do I Qualify?

  1. Are you a female between ages 18 and 100+?

  2. Are you creative and fun?

  3. Are you willing to accept duties that come with the Queen Bee title and the crown?*

  4. Do you like Latvia? (don't have to be Latvian to participate).

  5. Do you love to be in the spotlight?

To apply for Queen Bee contest You will need:

  1. Cell phone

  2. Facebook account

  3. Creative mind

  4. To raise $500 for our charity - (your and your friends' tickets to the Amber & Honey Ball count- bring a proof of raised funds)

  5. To come to the Amber & Honey Ball.

  6. Good Luck!


You Will Need


Contest Rules

Step 1.

Fill out the form below -scroll down to the bottom of page.


Step 2.

Create (bake a cake, sing, dance, draw, write poetry - anything goes really, be creative) an up to 1 minute greeting for Latvia's 100 year anniversary. It can be done in either Latvian or English.


Step 3.

Film it on your cell phone and post it on Amber & Honey Ball's Facebook page no later then May 4th. Access the correct page by typing @amberandhoneyball


Step 4.

Tell everyone to “like” it! Each “like” will give you bonus points.


Step 5.

Come to the Amber & Honey Ball for the finals of contest.

Be ready to tell everyone (in about 10 sentences)

Why You would be the BEST Queen Bee!


At the Ball

Duties of

The Queen Bee

  • Take a lot of photos at the Amber & Honey Ball wearing a crown.

  • Become involved with a The Art of The Giving Project. Your attendance at their fundraiser event will mean a lot! Date TBD.

  • Attend to the next Amber & Honey Ball Gala 2019 (optional)!

Fill out the form to enter the Queen Bee contest

Good luck! Your entry is received!

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