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Art For Auction

We are grateful to and touched by all the good people supporting our mission. Please, meet the  Artists who have donated their Art to our cause and will be presenting their artwork in person at the Ball.

Signe Borhan


Born and raised in Riga, Latvia, Signe's passion for art developed at a very early age. During a holiday to her family's countryside farm when Signe first taught herself how to draw, sketching the family dog in her doghouse with rolling hills and lush green foliage in the background. "Capturing this moment created a fire inside me that only creating art has been able to satisfy," says Signe.

Following her passion to design school was a dream. Upon graduating Art School in Riga with Master’s degree in Fashion Design, she accept the biggest challenge and headed to United States. As soon as she set foot in New York City, life opened up ... "I was so inspired by how expressive this vibrant city and its people were," Signe reminisces.  

After spending four eye-opening years in the heart of New York's fashion and art scene, Signe packed her bags for Miami Beach. She craved change, and Miami's sun, sand and energy was just the answer.  For many years, she has worked as self-employed artist/painter, featured in numerous galleries and commissioned to produce paintings for multiple professional establishments.

Signe still ventures between New York and Miami, where she continues to pursue her passion for art and creation. Her paintings have been purchased by local and national stars, as well as international art collectors. Her work was seen in the Miami Art Basel. Her pieces have been commissioned by multiple professionals for their Showrooms.

Signe's art piece for auction:


Acrylic, abstract on canvas.  

37.5" x 48.5"

Anna Zaiachkivska

Artist, singer, model

Interview with Anna Zaiachkivska from Art Allegiance New York online.

They say, “ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have a sense of appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

We sat down with incredibly beautiful and soulful Anna Zaiachkivska, (Aнна Заячківська) who represented Ukraine in Miss World 2013 pageant, on September 28, 2013, in Bali, Indonesia.

Anna was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, and studied art at the Art Institute of Vasyl Stefanyk Subcarpathian National University, majoring in Religious art. She writes poems, performs in the theater, and became an international fashion model. Read more

Anna's art piece for auction:


Acrylic on a canvas, 34" x 48"


Aivars Ošiņš

Photoghrapher, Winner of Wiki Loves Earth 2017 in Latvia

Aivars Ošiņš visupirms ir latvietis ar gadsimtiem dziļām saknēm Latvijas skaistākajā un kultūrvēstures tradīcijām bagātākajā novadā- Piebalgā.

Pievēršoties fotogrāfijai, Aivars ir apņēmies rādīt un cildināt Piebalgu Latvijā, bet Latviju- pasaulē.

Par savu visvērtīgāko skolu Aivars uzskata 15 darba gadus Latvijas televīzijā, kad filmējot apciemoti teju visi Latvijas otas meistari. Vērojot un apbrīnojot māksliniekus un viņu darbus, gūta izpratne par skaisto.

Aivars Ošiņš ir atgriezies dzimtajā Piebalgā, ir saimnieks rakstnieku brāļu Kaudzīšu memoriālajā muzejā, un jau 7 gadus pats ir mākslinieks, kurš uzskata, ka nav lielāka meistara kā daba. Tā rada, spēlējas ar pustoņiem un noskaņām. Fotogrāfa uzdevums ir ieraudzīt, tvert un apstādināt mirkli, nodot to tālāk, nesabojājot dabas radīto gleznu.

Aivars un fotoaparāts ir nešķirami. Bet gandarījumu sniedz netveramā iemūžināšana.

Vai esi redzējis rītausmas spozmi, saulrieta sārta atblāzmu? Vai proti ieraudzīt miglas vālu tēlus pār pakalniem, ezera viļņu ņirboņu bezvējā. Vai saproti putna spārnu un koka zaru stāstus?

Aivara Ošiņa foto gleznās to var ieraudzīt un izjust. Pārliecinies par mirkļa burvību!

Aivars Ošins is Latvian first and foremost, and his centuries old roots go back to one of the most beautiful, historical and culturally rich districts of ​​Latvia named Piebalga. In his photography work, Aivars is determined to show and celebrate Piebalga in Latvia, and Latvia in the world. Aivars' 15 years of work in the Latvian television as his most valuable educational experience. During that time he has visited many Latvians painters. He has learned to understand beauty by observing and admiring the artists and their work. Aivars Ošins has returned to his hometown Piebalga and is a manager at the Brothers Kaudzites Memorial Museum. He himself is an artist and believes that there no greater master artist than Nature. Nature creates and plays with undertones and emotional impressions and photographer must see and capture a moment, and then transfer it further in its original form. Aivars and his camera are inseparable. Capturing Natural beauty provides immense satisfaction. Have you seen the brightness of a dawn and the blink of pink sunsets? Can you see fog silhouettes over the hills, flickering of lake waves when there is no wind? Do you understand the stories of the bird's wings and tree branches? You can see and feel it in photo paintings of Aivars Ošiņš. Come and experience the magic of the moment!

Aivar's photo art pieces for auction:

Canvas print, 24 x 36

NOTE: These are NOT for sale. Will be auctioned at the Amber & Honey Ball.


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