Your donations at work-purchased supplies for assisted living home "Ziedugravas" .

It breaks our hearts, that as we grow old, not only do we see ourselves fade, but we tend to fade out of view from others as well. Many elders in our community have had the misfortune to find themselves alone. Let's bring joy to the lives of those who have lived and breathed Latvia! The entirety of your generous donation will be turned into gifts for those who we remember too rarely. Let us celebrate the generations before us, and give back to them in their time of need.


You can support these programs by participating in our Amber & Honey Ball in one or more of the

following ways:


-Purchasing tickets to the Ball; visit our web page LV100NY.COM;

- Placing advertisements during the event;

- Supplying products for the gift bags;

- Donating prizes for the raffle or auction;

- Donate electronically via PayPal using email address info@lv100ny.com;

- For sponsorship and other contributions, please contact: info@lv100ny.com or 212-810-7178;

 Send your checks to: “LV100NY”, 115 W 183rd ST, Bronx, NY 10453


While remembering the past, let's not forget the future. You may also choose to support Latvian Orphans via The Art of Giving Project. To learn more, visit TheArtOfGivingProject.com.

Thank you, your gift CAN bring joy to the lives of many!

Amber & Honey Ball

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